Monday, August 17, 2009

Book Reveiw

Christianity Today Study Series: Faith & Pop Culture

I currently homeschool one of my children. We have been talking about how the media plays in to what we think. We used the book Sex, Lies and the media. It was really eye opening to my teen and I. IT has made him think about what the media is really telling him.

So when I had the chance to review Christianity Today study series I thought it was the perfect tie in to our previous book. I dug right in to the study. There is a lot of good content, and thought provoking insites. I do think it would have been better if I had done this with a small group. The book consists of 8 chapters, and is set up in a format to let you decide on your answers through scripture research. that is where I think doing this with a small group would give you more insites. The book doesn't attempt to answer the questions for you in anyway.

The study did give me a different view of some things that I can pull the good out of, for instance art, movies, tv. With so much of what is on tv now a days, it is hard to pull the good. But I can use the so called "bad" things on tv and turn them into learning and thought provoking teaching moments for my children.

In the future I think I will use this book in a small group setting. I was able to use some of what I read, but I think I will get more out of the study by doing it with a small group. There is always better discussion and points brought out with a small group.


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