Tuesday, February 14, 2012


 Phil Moore has written a series called, Straight to the Heart Series, based on each book of the Bible. I was blessed to receive the Revelation book.

I found this book very interesting. I had just completed Beth Moores' Revelation study when this book became available from Kragel Productions. I was thrilled to dig in to Revelation from another perspective.

I love how he brings aspects of Revelation to life. It is a tough book, and has so much packed into it. Moore takes little bite size chunks, writes them into a small chapter. Moore weaves in past and present to help you better understand what such a tough book might be telling you.

Moore has one for each book of the Bible that can be found at www.philmoorebooks.com I think these are something I will keep adding to my growing book library!

I am not paid for my review of books from Kragel Productions. I receive books for free, and read them to review them on my blog!

What is the right thing?

A phone call from a 17 year old...mom is being abusive....They were fighting....

My steps: call police, they talk to 17 year old, then call the mom. Nothing changes, other than a few unfair texts from mom.

Day 2. Call Police Chief who says he will investigate it further.

Call school to let the counselor know what has happened. She cannot tell me anything because of a minor child situation....

Police chief calls me back...tells me to stop calling people. If I am not careful I will be facing harrasement charges and he offered the parents a restraining order against me. They didn't do it.

I have proof from other adults that this abuse is going on. That this child is often the only caregiver for the younger siblings. That this isn't the first time it has happened. But no one else will stand up to fight for the rights of a 17 year old...long time family friends, family members...or those that have sworn to protect and serve....

How far would you go?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Unwholesome talk?

Goodness...we all talk about other people...we all gossip to an extent...

Is it ever ok to Gossip or talk behind someone's back? What good does it do?

The Bible is very clear on foolish talk, gossip, speaking ill of others...

What is your motivation when you talk about someone?

I have two very dear friends. We meet for coffee of dinner when we have time. We talk/text daily. We lift each other up. We pray for one another. Attend Bible studies every now and then together.

We have a mutual acquaintance. This gal is what we would call a "sandpaper" person. She always has something wrong. Sighs at the appropriate time to catch interest. She is dramatic, and always has it worse than you....We have been known to talk behind her back...After all she makes it easy to do.

When reflecting on this, is it making us any better people? Is it helping her? Are we being a good example for our children that may have over heard?

In proverbs 17:28 the Bible says it is wise to keep quiet. Peter also instructs us to keep quiet and live pure lives....In our fallen world, I believe we will always struggle with this. But God will slowly change our hearts, and He can change the "sandpaper" persons heart also!

1 Peter Chap. 4

Shadows of a servant.

What does a servant heart mean? That you are the smallest of smallest in the pecking order? That you don't mean anything? That you will endure much, and have no say?

A servant to me can be the above....but when you are doing it for God....we are becoming a servant so that others can see how God is shining through us. See how God is working in our lives.

A servant helps others, blesses others, does not keep track of what they are doing. Does not let the right hand know what the left hand is doing.

In 1Peter 2:12 Peter is asking us how to live....live so others can see the good you are doing, so they can see God.

We are often asked to bear the burden of a servant under lock and key by a master....and we are called to live as to Christ. There are times when we are called to be a servant to others less fortunate than us, by the world's standards..we are to treat them like the heart of Christ would treat them...Jesus hang out with the least of these...

Where are you choosing to be a servant? With your family? With strangers?

What does a servant heart look like to you?
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