Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What is the right thing?

A phone call from a 17 year old...mom is being abusive....They were fighting....

My steps: call police, they talk to 17 year old, then call the mom. Nothing changes, other than a few unfair texts from mom.

Day 2. Call Police Chief who says he will investigate it further.

Call school to let the counselor know what has happened. She cannot tell me anything because of a minor child situation....

Police chief calls me back...tells me to stop calling people. If I am not careful I will be facing harrasement charges and he offered the parents a restraining order against me. They didn't do it.

I have proof from other adults that this abuse is going on. That this child is often the only caregiver for the younger siblings. That this isn't the first time it has happened. But no one else will stand up to fight for the rights of a 17 year old...long time family friends, family members...or those that have sworn to protect and serve....

How far would you go?

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