Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Bridge Tender

I had to pleasure to review The Bridge Tender by MaryBeth Whalen. I simply loved this book. I have only read one other book of MaryBeth Whalens. Which I also loved! Emily Shaw is the main character who lost her beloved husband. He leaves her surprise that she had no idea about. 
This book is set in Sunset Beach, which will surely make you hope to visit their someday! I love the beach and have yet to visit North Carolina's beaches. 
The Bridge Tender is a tender story of losing and being open to finding love again. It also weaves in reconciliation on past relationships. You will be sure to fall in love with several of the characters in the Bridge Tender. Whalen has perfect character development, along with weaving several story lines together. This book will make you want to learn more from each maybe a series?? I also lover her raw honesty about adult relationships. Christian or not, we all struggle in marriage in many ways. Marriages are human and we all fight, get mad etc. I like that honesty on what is involved in being married!
Whalen's writing is perfect for an easy beach read that is easy to pick up and put down. As often happens when you have little ones to tend to. It is the perfect length. When you find a good book, you simply want it to last! The Bridge Tender is a book I will reccomend and pass along my copy to my circle of avid readers. 
I was not paid for my review. I gave my honest review based on reading this book that I obtained for free from Book Look Blogger!

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