Saturday, February 13, 2010

Revolve 2010

My daughter and I had the opportunity to review the Revolve 2010 Magazine/New Testament. I think Revolve is a great opportunity for every girl to attend. I have heard so many great things about it, although my daughter and I have not had to luxury of attending. So when we had the opportunity to review the latest and greatest Magazine, we were thrilled.

My daughter has looked over this more thoroughly than I. So I asked her to write the rest of the review.

She made a list of things she did like, and things that she didn't like. The Didn't like it blank! What she liked about it is:

She liked that it carried the New Testament. But mingled in the New Testament was a plethora of teen girl information. From Beauty tips, home remedies, words to live by, facts of life, fashion, Quizzes, devotions and prayers. She liked that Bible Verses that had key information where highlighted.

We both think that this is something every girl should dig into. With the many magazine out there for teens, this one is a sure bet that your girl will get the information God would like for her to have!
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