Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Least of these

When the Bible refers to the least of these, what exactly does that mean? To me, it would mean someone who doesn't have much, who doesn't mean much, who is a cast away...

The Bible often refers to the least of these, when talking about orphans, widows, tax collectors, prostitutes...those less desirable people. People who for whatever reason were social outcasts. People who you didn't want to hang out with. Those with sicknesses, or less desirable profession.

But who did Jesus hang out with?

Matthew 25 tells us that "Whatever you do to the least of these, you've done unto me."

Jesus hung out with the BIG TIME Sinners.... People like prostitutes, orphans, widows...many of whom we would die being seen with.

In my BIG TIME sins, Jesus says come....your sins are as far gone as the bottom of the ocean. He stretched out His arms, bled to death for me, beaten, stricken, and afflicted....because of me...isn't it time I tell other of this? the least of these...whom Jesus longs to shine on....

1 Peter study by Sue Edwards Chap 3

Life has taken on a busy turn for me...I am working on getting chap 3 done, plus needing to finish chap 4!

I just completed chap 3 which is still going over chap. 2 of 1 Peter. I am enjoying digging in to small little pieces of each chapter. I can read through each verse, but never get it's full meaning until I sit down to do an in depth study.

Sue Edwards does not disappoint. WOW is all I can say.

But what I want to blog about is her ending of chapter 3 in the study guide. Page 34 to be more specific. Sue talks about being born into a family....being unwanted. And how the affected her as an adult. Thank God she had people enter into her life and help her heal from that.

Which brought me to thoughts of Hope Blooms, and where my passions come from to keep on keeping on. From being made to feel insignificant by lack of eye contact with important adults in my life. (not my parents) To having a lack of discipline in my life. To meeting the wrong guy in my high school years and everything that went with that. To moving out of my parents house for my senior year and living with my aunt...to get away from the "wrong" guy. Not only did I move out of my parents house, but I moved from Oklahoma to Minnesota....so I MOVED away.

Those were tough years. And not only did it take me along time to recognize how this all affects me, it took me a long time to work through it.

I had made positive changes from the beginning: being available to my children, attending church, Sunday school, being involved in their lives. Building a healthy marriage...but my self esteem was always lacking. My poor husband having to endure all of that....

And now, because of my past, God is doing something good....providing a way for me to help others facing these challenges...my passions for healthy children and healthy marriages!

Because as Peter states in chapter 2, we are a royal priesthood, a holy nation, called to share God's goodness and light.

Some day...I will meet Sue Edwards...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

1 Peter Chap. 1 and 2

1 Peter Study by  Sue Edwards....

January is ending with a bang here in Minnesota. We have had such a mild winter, that has lead to temps dipping far below zero....-16 to be exact...With this, we have had sporadic Internet for the past week and a half. We thought possibly the weather had something to do with that. But low and behold we need a new modem....currently we have had a good stretch of Internet for the past few hours! So praying I can get this posted for weeks 1 and 2.

I am an avid Beth Moore Bible Study fan. I have done many of her studies, and read even more of her books. She really lets you dig in and find things out about yourself that you didn't know you knew. So, to get another Bible Study, that isn't (gasp) Beth Moore! All kidding aside, I am thrilled to see what others have to offer.

Sue Edwards has not disappointed me. I soon was lost in diggin' through 1 Peter. In Fact, my Internet problems sort of reminded me how frustrating things in life can be. Persecution, wandering around the dessert, looking for the promised land. My family is learning how things can be difficult when we come to expect something so simple as Internet. Homework takes on a whole new meaning. Things need to be researched, and we suddenly find ourselves unplugging the modem a million times to catch just 10 minutes of Internet.

Where do we place our value? In the Internet? In what others think of us? In what our spouse thinks of us? Friends? Where is our true citizenship?

I have been on a journey of discovering who I really am...I have spent most of my life being who I am when I am with my husband. He was my security. He was who I did most everything with...I was a mom and wife. I am learning that my value comes from God, and God alone. The people i surround myself with are who help me to fulfill God's will, but that isn't where my value lies...

I think, given our current "winter" chill, (more like Arctic) I will enjoy Ms. Edwards study on learning to find encouragement through the troubles that come in my life. In fact, I will also recommend this study to my regular study with my friends.

(I received this study from Kregel Productions for free. I am not compensated in any way for my reviews.)
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