Friday, June 24, 2011

Is Adoption for the Marklowitz's?

Last May, my parents, Wayne and I piled into our car and drove 14 hours to Louisville Kentucky for the Orphan Summit. As always, the Summit is full of information that doesn't disappoint. We even had some time to do a little sight seeing...can you go to Louisville and not visit the plant of the Louisville slugger?
In the course of many speakers, breakout sessions etc....there was a theme going...if you raise the banner of adoption, you need to provide support services. It is essential to the success of adoption and foster care. My heart wants to start this process with Hope Blooms. There are to many kids in the US, in the WORLD actually that need good Christian homes. And as was often said, some poor mans wife starts with the adoption bug...and God always hooks him...
Fast forward to June, just a few weeks ago...through a chain of events, times are tough in the Marklowitz household. I NEED to find a job. But I have a peace about waiting on God's timing. I have been looking, and have applied at a few places. But doors have not opened. Wayne was feeling very frustrated about this process. On his way to work on a saturday, after a not so pleasant Friday night, he had the thoughts that we just need to stop doing Hope Blooms, it isn't going anywhere. Funds are not coming in, and Shannon needs to work. NOt volunteer anymore. He was ready to throw in the towel. But GOD...ooh how HE works. Fast forward 12 hours later, little Janessa (not her real name) Janessa is a 14 year old girl who was at a hospital needing to be transferred down to a psych unit..yes I said psych...this is a little girl who talked with my husband. Looked at the pictures on his phone, liked seeing his kids, loved seeing where we live. And said, "I want to come live with you." She doesn't belong where she see, at the Summit we have learned a method to help children from hard places. If you follow this model, that has been 100% effective, these kids will start healing. They will start learning how to be respectful. They will connect with you, and know that you won't let them starve anymore. You will give them a drink when they need it. You won't hurt them, hit them, touch them inapporprietly. They will know what a parent is, what a parent is suppose to do. What it feels like to live in a "normal" way. Their chemicals will balance out, and they will be able to learn....Yes, Janessa doesn't belong in a phsych unit. She belongs in a home that is equipped to take help her....God is working on equipping us, and if he can grab ahold of Wayne the way He did, I know He is working out all the details. Most of which I am waiting impatiently on...But as we wait, our house is getting finished, just little things that have been put off...Once we start the process it could go as fast as 1-2 months...Hard to believe that Wayne will be the Father of 6 I will then have 7!
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