Friday, February 20, 2009

Can I come With???

Yesterday the day was beautiful in Minnesota. I looked out the window, the sun was shining. My plant, just one, was basking in the sunshine. My homeschooler was working on his homework, and my child that did the unthinkable last weekend, was home for his last day of being suspended...But we have processed through that, so Thursday was a good day.

I step out the door on this sunshiny Feb. day, and get smacked with barely above zero temps. OK, so it looks a little warmer than it actually is! But it was still nice to have the sunshine!

I get a phone call from my other sons school saying that he is sick. So off to school I go to pick him up. As I threw on my coat for this nice looking day I look at my cocker mix dog. He is looking at me with great expectation, "Can I go with?" His big brown eyes were asking. He hearts car rides! My son once commented that, the dogs love to go for rides, but all they do is get in the van and lay down and sleep. Zeek's big brown eyes made me think of my Heavenly Father...I go through my day, and He expectantly wants to go with me. He loves to spend time with me. In His still, gentle, quiet voice, He asks, Can I go with you today? From the moment I open my eyes, He eagerly waits coming with me. Like a gentleman He follows me around, but waits for me to invite Him to walk with me, or carry me...

I told Zeek to hop along in the van....I choose to invite God daily into my life...Without Him I would make bad choices!...I do make bad choices..

Will you let your Heavenly Father go with you today?

In His Grip, by my side..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just finished reading Boomtown

Boomtown: This book sort of reminded me of Charley and the Chocolate factory. It was kind of quirky that way. As an adult, I had a hard time sticking with this book. As an adult female I should say. My 12 year old started to read the book. He has to be coaxed into reading. Although he hasn't finished the book, what he had read, he seems to enjoy at this point.

I felt the story was a little choppy...seemed to not flow well through out the book. I think a young boy would find the humor in this book.

This is a Christian author. There isn't much Christianity taught through out the book, however the father is a pastor.

Boomtown is a qwarky little place for the Buttons to live...They have interesting things happening to them, even before they got the Boomtown. Things keep going haywire..there are many celebrations that involve fireworks at every turn.

As I stated above, I think young boys will enjoy this book. I generally enjoy other types of books. But if you are looking for something for a young boy, with a great imagination, and clean writing, then this is the book.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Raising Teenagers is for the Birds

We just had an incident on Friday night...a late night call from the school. There was a school dance that two of my teenagers were going to. Once decided not to go, but still had to pick up my other teen....Well, said teen driver brought friends along that had been drinking and were obviously drunk. So a Breathalyzer was done on my teen driver, and there was enough alcohol in teen DRIVER, to the equivalent of cough medicine. So we now have teen driver home for 3 days from school. We have enforced some consequences at home. We are being so unfair.....none of the other students...five total got in any sort of trouble at home.

We live in such an entitlement age. Everyone else got off, why am I being punished? Says a teen who made the wrong decision to drink and drive....

We are dealing with truthfulness, underage drinking, drinking then driving, bringing in an innocent sister into the mix, and possibly a court date, which is yet to be determined. As parents, are we not suppose to discipline our children? Are our children entitled to seek their own discipline, based on what other parents are doing?

I don't want my children to grow up thinking they deserve anything...yet this is sort of what is expected...I think one minute my 17 year old is growing up, then he proves me way wrong. Plus I am sending him off to college in less than six months. It just seems as if there is so much growing up that needs to happen in the teen years....Will the REAL world show him how good he really did have it at home???
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