Friday, March 23, 2012

Faith that Bleeds

I have just finished reading two incredible books by Tom Davis. He has written several books, but the two I just finished reading are "PriceLess" and "RedLetters". Both are about the plight of many orphans globally. Priceless haunted me while reading it, and is still haunting me. It is a fiction novel, however it is based on actual events from the Sex Trafficking trade based in Russia. Red Letters takes the Red letters that you find in some Bibles....Jesus' words and puts them in perspective on how you are to carry out your faith. Calling yourself a mere Christian just isn't good enough. How can you call yourself a Christian and not carry out what Jesus did as an example to us? While Red Letters is a Non Fiction book, it can go hand in hand with Priceless.
In our Country, the US, we are a spoiled bunch. Even when I am wanting more, or just simply waiting for payday to arrive so I can get groceries, I am blessed beyond measure. I have more than most have in Africa. My children have more than orphans in Russia.
While there is Sex Trafficking in my own back yard, I like to think our law enforcement and government (in general) will do something to stop it if they can. In many other countries, the government and law enforcement turn a blind eye. This is so sad. These girls have absolutely nothing they can do to get out of it. If it were not for Christian organizations going over to these countries...putting their very lives in danger, girls would not be saved.
Through reading these two books, God took a hold of my heart. I have not been able to look back. I have to do something....
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