Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Trouble with those Cowboys

The Trouble with Cowboys, by Denise Hunter

I started reading this book, and loved it! It is a light, funny romance. It is somewhat predictable, but most romances are!
Annie is the main character who has been through her share of heartache while growing up. Which sets the stage for why she chooses a predictable boyfriend.
The character developement is good in the sense that when you've been given lemons, make lemonade. She has been through enough adversity, and has really made a life for herself. She struggles, is helping out her sister who is raising a 4 year old alone.
The book also has witty characters. I love the interaction between her and cowboy Dylan. They feed off each others quirky remarks. They feel the chemistry with each other....but can she get past the old feelings of not trusting anyone?
When I first started reading this book, I noticed it was a third in a series. I suspect that alot of what goes on in with other characters were portrayed in the other three books. Makes me wish I had read them first.
I loved this book, am a avid reader, but had never read Denise Hunters books. I think they will become a collection on my shelf!

I recieved this book fromThomas Nelson publisher for the sole purpose of reading this book and submitting a reivew. I have been in no way reimbursed for reading this book.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Living Fully Alive

Fully Alive by Ken Davis

Fully Alive is a book about well, living Fully Alive. Ken Davis explores what that truly means. Ken takes you on a trip through many personal stories on a journey to live Fully Alive.

Ken Davis a National Speaker/Comedian. I have heard him Live, and watched many of his DVD's. I was thrilled to be able to obtain a copy of his latest book!

One of my favorite stories in the book is when Ken was talking about striving for his father's love. His dad showed love by working and putting food on the table. Davis wrote a heartfelt letter to his dad, sent it in the mail and waited for a reply....that never came. A little miffed and hurt, a few months later Davis and his wife left from CO to MN to visit his parents. His mother showed him a shrine of memorablilia from Davis' accomplishments. The day of his father's memorial services Davis vowed two things....1. to always tell people they are loved. 2. to look for signs of love from other people.
  "I would look for it between the lines in the note from my child. I would hear the words when Diane squeezed my hand. In the sunrise and in the sudden downpour of rain, I would listen to God saying  " I love you". Stop. Take a deep breath. Realize that you are alive and have the hope of eternal life. Do you hear it? Read between those lines. Do you see it? You are love!

Davis says it all so much better. Go on a journey to live fully alive with Davis. His adventures and adventures of some of his closest friends will intrigued you, and keep you reading until the last pages.

I obtained this copy of Fully Alive from Thomas Nelson. I have not been compensated in anyway for my review of Fully Alive.

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