Friday, October 31, 2014


Life is crazy...throws you so many curve balls.

It seems that every time things are going smoothly...wham! The valley hits deep and low.

I am unsure if I can handle anymore corrupt countries. Anymore corrupt people that are helping children in the name of caring deeply for children. Because the best for children is more about money in their pockets. Crazy...but true!

Tell me your adoption story......

What Mask Do You Have?

I received this book to review but quickly read that there was a first book. So I downloaded the first book, To Know You on my kindle.

I really loved the first book. I can relate with the tough stuff the characters were going through. Character development was very good!

Each book tackled difficult content. Without the stigma of what comes with these issues. Life is so full of twists and turns and many times people find themselves doing or saying things they never thought they would say or do.

Veil of Secrets simply didn't have as good of character development as the first book in this series. I had a hard time following along at first with the characters. I enjoyed the over content of this book. But as I said, it was lacking better character development.

I hope Shannon Ethridge teams up with Kathryn Mackel to finish off the story of the last sister...I truly think content is what is needed in our broken society. I would love to see them build a great book with great characters.

Overall, I recommend these books. Everyone struggles in one area or another that is covered in these books, and it is done in a gentle way that doesn't leaving you feeling more guilt and shame.

I received this book from Book Look Bloggers for free. To post my review in my honest opinion. I have not been paid to post this review!

Thought Provoking Insight!

Not really knowing what to expect of this book when I received it, I was pleasantly surprised.

Sundar Singh was known as one of the most famous converts to Christianity of his time. He obviously was a man of great wisdom. He passed in 1929. When he was just 16 he left his home and every comfort of home to live among the Sadhu people. This is where he learned what true Christianity is. Sadhu means holy man. Mr. Singh was known as a modern day Saint Francis, from India.

The book is similar to a devotional. There are short little chapters that are written as sort of modern day parables. They are very interesting to read. These bring a fresh perspective to parables of the Bible. The titles are creative, and are very thought provoking.

Mr Singh wandered as a holy man for 23 years, and traveled through at least 20 countries and four continents. He disappeared in the Himalayas in 1929. Many mourned his death. This gentleman touched many peoples lives.

This is a great devotional to start this upcoming new year. There are just over 20 short chapters that can be read weekly or are short enough for a daily encounter. I found these so thought provoking that I would think on them throughout the day. If you like to journal these would be perfect for getting you going.

I received this book from Plough Publishing house for free to review however I saw fit! I have not been paid to share my thoughts!
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