Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fearless by Max lucado

I was able to get a copy of Max Lucado's new release a few weeks ago. I have several copies of Max Lucado books, but simply have not taken the time to read them. When I was able to read this book before it was even released, I was thrilled. So, the book came and I have to say it is what every says about Max Lucado's writing. It is an awesome book. I keep hearing about Lucado's writing style. I have two of his devotionals and enjoy them.

Fearless takes issues that are ever present today, and addresses them Biblically. For many it is the economy right now that is causing fear. That is at the forefront of everyone's mind. Chapter six and seven use Lamentations for Biblical reference, I have not studied that book much, but saw some familiar Bible verses from there. So it was nice to see those references.

Lucado takes everyone's everyday fears, and eloquently and gently shows you why you should't be afraid. He does this in a non threatening way. Everyone has fears, but the Bible is full of ways that we work through them, and become the person that God would have us be.

Weather you are a Max Lucado fan or not, this book is sure to please everyone. Simple, short chapters with a disscussion guide in the back...makes this a book for small groups, couples or even by yourself. Enjoy.
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