Friday, September 30, 2011

Stumbling Into Grace

Lisa Harper is a favorite to everyone. She has a witty sense of humor, makes the Bible come alive, and happens to be a Woman of Faith featured speaker. I first heard of Lisa about 3-4 years ago at a WOF conference. So to get an opportunity to read one of her books, I was thrilled. I have not gotten any of her books, and she has 8 others, but I do know that she is real; I know her books have to be a reflection of her personality.

The tag line on her book is:Confessions of a Sometimes Spiritually clumsy woman. My husband can be clumsy by this intrigued me! I have to tell you Lisa does not disappoint. As I am sitting her trying to figure out what was my favorite chapter...I could hardly pick just one. They all bring home the real stuff that we all feel. When I sat down to start, I was really in the mood for a good fiction book. But I thought I would just see. I was immediately hooked. I love that we can all get a look inside someone else's life, laugh and know that is real.

Lisa also added discussion questions, and a place to journal thoughts. So doing this book with some girlfriends is an option.

Enjoy this book, in it's glory and realness. Lisa Harper does not disappoint!

I am not a paid reviewer from Thomas Nelson. I choose the books they send, and I read them, and share my opinion....I have found many good authors this way...check them out!
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