Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

I have heard it said recently, welcome to the Egg are set in a line. Someone yells, Ready! Set! Gooooo! kids will then run and grab as many colorful eggs as they can. Well, we just recently had an Egg Hunt. The second year that Hope Blooms put it on. But as a family we have been doing it for a long time. We divide kids into age groups. the older you are, the harder you must look. Sort of like an amazing race. Kids have to look through woods, brush and watch out for trees.

This year, we added a wheel chair trail. We had some local boy scouts come out the beginning of April and help pound down a grassy and sandy trail for wheel chairs to maneuver around.

One mama said, "This is magical" Another mama asked me to not take her picture with her little one, because she was crying...My favorite part of the children a chance that normally are not given a chance to grab eggs...Aaron, who is wheelchair bound, Deaf and Blind, man his smile will be something I treasure forever~ He had so much fun grabing these eggs hanging from trees, and then would place them in his lap, and clap...He was having fun. He couldn't even eat the stuff in the eggs...but did that matter? He was able to participate....

Hope Blooms...a place for fun. A place for acceptance, a place for, yellow black or white....seeing, non seeing, hear or no hear...walk or no walk...we love you all.

Time With God for Fathers, Jack Countryman

I love devotional books. So to reveiw one made for dads...I jumped at the chance!

First, for a guy who doesn't like to read, this little book is ideal. There are verses at the top written out. then a SHORT devotional for them to read based on those verses. I think this is good for a guy on the go. The book isn't big, so for a traveler it is he perfect size. The devotions are short enough and to the point that anyone can read through and spend the rest of the day pondering over. Short little snipits of some very basic reminders for dads. The devotions are about, things that everyone needs to spend time remembering. When we are better people in Christ, we are better parents.

My husband, who doens't like to read...hard to pin him down ever~ enjoyed these short devotions. They are just long enough that he will take the time, and yet have enough input to make him think about what God would have him do as a man, as a father and husband.

This book not only has devotions, but in the back has a God listens to a fathers prayer when....section. In this has No one will listen and Bible verses for that. You are overwhelmed, Bible verses for that...and so on. So it is a good resource.

this book would also make a good coffee table book. Beautifully bound, it is sure to look good sitting out as a reminder to stay in the Word.

I am not a paid book reveiwer for Thomas Nelson. All thoughts come from my love of reading. and wanting to share good books with you~

The Final Summit

If you have never heard Andy Andrew's Speak, I highly suggest you make an effort to. Mr Andrew's is currently touring with Women of Faith, you will leave crying because of laughing so hard~ I recently was able to hear him speak in Nashville at a Women of Faith event. He was one of the highlights there.

When I had to opportunity to preview Andy Andrews new book ,The Final Summit I jumped at the chance. In Andy Andrews style..a story telling way to clue us in on essential principles to our everyday life, Andrews does not disappoint.

A chance encounter with "history's brightest minds" David Ponder, who you may have first read about in The Travelers Gift..also by Andrews, has to find solutions before his time runs out.

I found this book, as I do all Andy Andrews book engaging, riveting and a refreshing look at lifes uncertainties. This book will not disappoint you. As Dave Ramsey says, "Andy Andrews is a Life Wisperer" I have to say I agree.

I am not paid to write these reveiws, I honestly let you now what I think about each book from Thomas Nelson~ My love for books....honest answers.
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