Monday, April 28, 2014

I have had the pleasure to read this book by Heather Munn and Lydia Munn. I have loved reading this book. The history that I love reading about in fiction form has broaden my understanding of a time period of time that was horrendous. I love history...but only in fiction form. Fiction with a little bit of humaness added in. 
My only disappointment in this was book two of a series! I don't like reading a book if I have not read the first one! However, I didn't know it was part of a series going into the book. That said, I had no idea going in that I was missing a book. 
This book is set in the early 1940's during Hitlers reign. I have an obvious love for children and so to read about child rescuing is something I enjoy. 
This book weaves the story of true to life feelings, friendships, shows the true value that is taken from you oftentimes when you are helping someone else. The true cost of putting your life in danger during a time when the evil that surrounds you simply doesn't make sense. 
Defy the Night is a must read for those that enjoy a little history. 
A picture of one of the camps. Ruins of Riversaltes that was mentioned in the book. Horrible conditions....My heart simply aches all the more for what these families endured. My mind simply cannot imagine what parents had to go through. To think that after their children were rescued, they could have very well been put into camps again...which you will be able to read about in their upcoming book "Lord Willing"....they are hoping that God's will provides more to this story! Support these ladies today! Pick up both of the books in this series!

i have not been paid for my review. I was provided a copy to read and post this review with my own thoughts! I truly enjoyed this book!
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