Saturday, November 16, 2013

One Year Ago....

One year ago....on November 15th I brought Lauren and some friends down to the football game. My mom and I hung out and had dinner. Picked up the kids and were driving home. During the drive home I received a phone call from a number I didn't recognize, so I didn't answer it until I got home....A phone call I never imagined. The only other worse phone call it could have been was if it involved one of my children or husband....The phone call was about my dear friend Michelle....her husband Jason was on his way down to the hospital. they had flown Michelle down to I don't even know what hospital. What exactly happened was sketchy...but it didn't look good....
After talking with Karen, we decided we wouldn't drive down to the hospital. But to this day...I am unsure if that was a good idea or not.
Michelle leaves behind four precious children. Michelle leaves behind a husband. Many family members. Many pets. And a legacy of laughter over the most mundane events in your life....Give her a story and she runs with it and makes it an event of laughter.
Michelle...I still miss you. There is ONLY ONE MICHELLE~
This was taken the last day that I saw her....

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Peril: By Jordyn Redwood

I had the extreme pleasure of reading Peril. When I ordered Peril to review, I received it in the mail. I was disappointed to see it was the third book in a I just had to order the first two. I am so pleased that I did in fact order the first two. I love a good mystery. Add a little clean romance and you have a great book. 
From what I read these are Jordyn Redwoods' first books. If these are any indication of books to come by Redwood, I am eager to read more. 
My only disappointment would be, character development. I think we could get to know the characters a little more intimately. I feel like I knew them but it was more surface level. I like to get in to really feel the characters, know their thoughts. When I finish a book and I feel like I am leaving friends behind, I know in that moment I have really gotten to know characters.
I did like that this book was part of a series. I love to read more on characters while getting to know new characters. I would much rather read a series than to read a stand alone title. So, I am looking forward to more series from Redwood!
I have read most of B.Collins, D. Henderson, and T. Blackstocks books...and I would put Redwood in this category of must reads!
Go pick it up on Amazon today!
I was not paid for my review of this book. I received my copy to read and post my review of my opinion only. 

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