Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Peril: By Jordyn Redwood

I had the extreme pleasure of reading Peril. When I ordered Peril to review, I received it in the mail. I was disappointed to see it was the third book in a series...so I just had to order the first two. I am so pleased that I did in fact order the first two. I love a good mystery. Add a little clean romance and you have a great book. 
From what I read these are Jordyn Redwoods' first books. If these are any indication of books to come by Redwood, I am eager to read more. 
My only disappointment would be, character development. I think we could get to know the characters a little more intimately. I feel like I knew them but it was more surface level. I like to get in to really feel the characters, know their thoughts. When I finish a book and I feel like I am leaving friends behind, I know in that moment I have really gotten to know characters.
I did like that this book was part of a series. I love to read more on characters while getting to know new characters. I would much rather read a series than to read a stand alone title. So, I am looking forward to more series from Redwood!
I have read most of B.Collins, D. Henderson, and T. Blackstocks books...and I would put Redwood in this category of must reads!
Go pick it up on Amazon today!
I was not paid for my review of this book. I received my copy to read and post my review of my opinion only. 

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