Thursday, October 31, 2013

done...finished....waiting...heart hurts

Our paperwork is on it's way to immigration in California...went from Wash. DC, to now in California. but this is our last leg....My prayer is that we are home before thanksgiving! What a lot to be thankful for in that area....

I just had a Facebook conversation from a great guy in Liberia. He checks in with us nearly everyday. He is having either liver or kidney challenges, and his medicine, which seems to be something natural is expensive for him. Liv52. Not sure what it is, but $15.00 is to much for him. So Wayne and I have been talking about what we could do to help him. His symptoms seem to be more kidney related. But doctor said liver...

Anyway, this gentleman, whom some of you have gotten friend requests from...I promise he is harmless. He is one of the few friends we have made over there who has not asked us for money. He was inquiring about Hope Blooms. I told him what we are doing, and that we hope to facilitate adoptions from Liberia in the coming new year. He said he knows of many people that want to place babies for adoption. It is common for the dad's to leave mom's. There was one gal pregnant when we were there, I am guessing she is one of them that he mentioned. But many people were raped during the war and cannot or are having a hard time caring for the children they now have. We have a full orphanage...but no orphanage.

I long to have Shadrack here. I long to help others families find forever love of children. And my heart hurts for those families that are making these selfless decisions...because as a mother, I know this isn't easy for them.

My mind is reeling on where I can get the have an orphange running well, we would need 2500-3500$ a month.

God can and will provide inside of His perfect will. But I feel like this needs to happen I am having a hard time feeling patient!

I know there are a lot of you who may read this and simply do not understand what it is we are doing. I know many people in our families are unsupportive. I challenge you to dig in your Bibles and see what God commands each and everyone of us to do. This isn't just a Wayne and Shannon thing. This is something we are all called to care about. And I am not saying everyone should adopt. Because not everyone should. But we are all called to help in some way.

I am waiting for our friend to send some pictures of children needing homes.....It will be a process to get this under way. Hope blooms won't even be licensed until January or February. But we can start working on this now~


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Rachel said...

Hi my name is Rachel and you left a comment on my blog ( earlier today asking about Liberia adoption. I have a few things that I can share but would rather do it one on one instead of here in a public comment. Can you email me at paradisefound2001 at gmail dot com? Thanks and I hope to talk to you soon.

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