Friday, October 11, 2013


I sit here and think of this journey. My heart is broken in a million little pieces...not just for a one year old Liberian boy, but for my other children going through their many challenges...growing pains, bad decisions, and the lessons they learn along the way.

Broken pieces from those that say they support you...but when asked to help in one way or another...the answer is no.

Broken for our country in general.

But I am reminded that through this muck, it is growing me. It is helping me to see how to be a better person through these disappointments...
On one of our local radio stations the topic today is to call in and something good in your life! Well...three things popped into my head...amongst so many more...

First, some of our family has been soooo supportive of this journey. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Through prayer, finances, listening ear, encouragement. We truly are thankful for YOU~! I couldn't possibly name all of you...because I am sure I would forget. But know that we truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts...

Second, a friend who went above and beyond that calling of a friend...who is like our family! She offered a no interest loan for $5000.00. No questions asked. She offered it knowing where our hearts were/are. And when I don't post an update on here...she always asks....She is a big cheer leader for us and Hope Blooms. She gives without expecting in return. She was actually surprised and disappointed by the last post of FAQ, that people would actually ask those things. If you don't have a friend like this....find one! Everyone needs someone that they can count on....and I don't mean for finances...I mean for the friendship!

third...last week, our attorney received a phone call from the Adjudicator...(immigration). There were three things he was concerned about. Something with our insurance, which we have gotten back. A letter from Liberia...which we are assured it will be emailed today...who knows...ans lastly a co sponsor...To put it simply...because nothing with this process is simple, if something were to happen to Wayne and I, who will take over the care of just some reassurance on their part. I asked my friend and she didn't even think about it...she knows our hearts. She knows our passions, she knows US! She said yes without even seeing what she had to do. I had nearly all her paperwork the next day. She even dared me to not follow through so she could have Shadrack....There is no chance of that!~!!

So, yes, this is all a mess. It is taking longer than we ever could hope for. We long to head to Liberia and snatch up Shadrack. We are frustrated when we have to email the orphanage several times with the same question and receive NO RESPONSE BACK.....but we are so blessed beyond compare to those of you who are supporting matter what....If only I could live a little more like you. Thanks for being a roll model to our kids. To people who don't believe in what we are doing. We can all learn from you...

So the update....all of our paperwork from two sources is ready to send to our attorney. The third from Liberia, hopefully that will come today. But I am surely not holding my breath. Then we have about a weeks time to wait on the mail....and we are pretty sure we will have a YES we can get the Visa. We will then make an appointment with the US Embassy in Liberia. Then we can book a flight...We are so excited for the day of landing at MSP..and seeing friends and family greet us and Shadrack. I DREAM OF THIS DAY!

Pray our government shutdown doesn't delay us getting Shadrack's Visa. We almost feel like we should get our kids Passports and go camp there until we get the Visa. If only life were that simple!

Shannon...for Wayne too!

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Praying for you guys.


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