Saturday, September 21, 2013

FAQ: but no one is asking!

We have encountered many questions from people...but the questions or for lack of a better word accusations are not asked to us...So we will address them head on! But please, ask us. We would rather give you accurate information, than for you to talk behind our backs.

Adoption is an important call. A call we are all called to do. But NOT EVERYONE IS CALLED TO ADOPT! We are all called to help.

Question one:
Why are they going all the way to Liberia when there are orphans here.
We have been pursuing adoption from foster care for several years. We see the huge importance. And there are MANY orphans in our back yard....currently around 400 of them just in MN. If everyone of you that reads this would adopt from foster care in MN, they would all be cared for. What are YOU going to do about that?  We came across Shadrack last April. I tried to find him a home from Minnesota down to Texas. I told Wayne one night..."I've tried to find this blind little guy a home, or someone to help him medically, and I cannot find anyone." His answer, Why are we not doing something? Exactly. So when you ask us why we are not doing something here in Minnesota...I respectfully ask you...Why aren't you? Until I laid eyes on Shadrack, I wasn't quite sure we were doing the right thing. The Sunday before we left, I had all I could do to hold it together at church. I ran into a friend who excited asked me if I was ready to go and how exciting...and I broke down and couldn't even put it into words the emotions I was feeling....I have dreamed of adopting for years...and my dream was coming true...but i was headed to a country that I knew very little about....I was leaving behind my children. And we were NOT LOOKING TO BRING A ONE YEAR OLD INTO OUR HOME! But, things worked out, and God willing we will bring Shadrack here in the next couple of weeks!

Question 2:
They can't afford to adopt/care for another child....
God has provided thus far. Through Waynes retirement, through generous family and friends. Through some fundraisers. Everything has worked out. Frankly, we can't afford not to bring Shadrack or possibly other children into our homes. Plus our finances are really none of your business! With all due respect!
Currently the fundraiser last weekend has given us plane tickets and room while we are there...if we can get tickets cheap enough that is! We are confident that it will all work out....

Question 3:
We now have grandchildren, we won't have time for them with a one year old....

Shadrack will require care and attention. But he also loves to sit and listen to music. He is really a very easy baby. I stayed home with 5 children, and Wayne worked his butt off with a full time job...I think I can handle 2 one year olds and a 4 year old. And I look forward to it. We obviously love kids...No brainer!

Question 4:
The fundraiser last weekend was a publicity pull for Hope Blooms...

All I can say is WOW! Us caring for Shadrack has nothing to do with Hope Blooms. But we are doing what Hope Blooms stands for. We are caring for the worlds some.... We have never profited from Hope Blooms. All donations go back into helping the families that we service...those caring for orphans...Donations last weekend, which is another question we have been asked...behind our back, are going to bring Shadrack to the US for essential medical care. And any funds beyond that will go for medical care while he is here. Simple as that! Weather we  get him here in a couple of weeks, or weather we get him here in a couple of months. If you don't feel like you want to help a boy our with medical care...then don't. Simple as that. We are thankful for those that have helped. And we are excited to share him with those that care.

Watch that video...if it doesn't get to you...Then you should come to Liberia with us...see what we saw. Learn what we learned. Orphans are mentioned frequently in the Bible...and it is very clear we are all called to help in some way.

Hope Blooms will soon become licensed to facilitate adoptions through Liberia. That is how passionate we are about this. Wayne is ready to head back to Liberia on trips to check on an orphanage that we partner with...We are living out a call...what will YOU DO?


Janelle said...

Anyone who 'questions' what your dedication to this is or what your role in all of this is, frankly is an ignorant fool! Granted at first I took half a step back and said 'WHOA' but in the same breath said KUDOS TO THEM! Shadrack is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO lucky to have found you and Wayne!! I can't wait to have him here! I am gonna have to fight Kari for photo time!

Janelle said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you. Well said!

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