Monday, September 16, 2013


Families come in all shapes and sizes. All different colors, different homes, different beliefs. But, families fight together, and stay together...or they should!
Yesterday we had an amazing day of family sharing and showing support! At the risk of forgetting someone....I am going to tell you some amazing family moments!
The above song struck Wayne and I as Shadrack was jamming to TobyMac in Africa. We are fighting to get Shadrack here for essential medical care. He is from a different family...and we are waiting to bring him into our home...our family.
It amazes me when people come and show support to something that is huge for me. Shadrack and many other orphans are important to me. Something I am called to do. And so many people came to show support.
Fire fighters: Kari, Chad K, Chad N, Nikki W. Matt L Janelle N. They came early, stayed until the end. They worked their butts off and didn't blink an eye over any task. They willingly came and helped us fight a good fight. And some other Firefighters came and ate, and shared their support!
Karen...she came early and did many back massages....all for Shadrack!
Janelle Lloyd and family...they made, bought, gave and helped! They brought so MANY Auction items! I couldn't even begin to count the amount they donated! Plus many encouraging words.
Karen N. She celebrated her birthday with us...we didn't know her beforehand. But she came and encouraged many others to come. She donated an acupuncture certificate! Was great to chat with her for a bit!
Julie F. She came with bake goods in hand, lots of encouragement. Worked the bake sale like a trooper. Plus her and Lee have supported and cheered on Shadrack above and beyond!
Shannon L and her friends at Becker Baptist Church...they donated over 60 items to our bake sale that raised over $500! We don't know them and they don't know us...but all for Shadrack!
Barb, our loyal board member. Came and worked, chatted, supported and is always available when we have a need.
Our children, they showed up at 9am. Took turns caring for Laila, helped with whatever we needed help with. They may think we are crazing bringing a one year old home! But they are all eager to love on him too~
Our families~ Ida, Milo, Gary Diane, Juanita Kaylee, Bob, Connie Grandma and Grandpa F....what you all did hasn't gone un noticed! You guys came and helped with so many things....brought goodies, auction items. You blessed us by blessing Shadrack.
So many more of you stayed and ate, purchased auction items, heard us talk Liberia. We appreciate each of you more than you will ever know. WE thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
We don't have anymore updates on Shadrack...we hope to by the end of the week. But you will all be the first to know! We are getting excited to bring him here and for ALL OF YOU TO MEET HIM!
Wayne and Shannon

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Tasha said...

WOW! So fitting that Sharach would be jamming to this song!! I cannot wait you and Wayne to have him in your arms again to love him and for him to show you the world as he "sees" it. You 2 are amazing people and I am so glad to say you are my family and proud of all that you both do!!! Sorry I couldnt make it. I love you guys!!!

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