Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hope Lifter

I had the pleasure of reading the HopeLifter by Kathe Wunenberg. Creative Ways to Spread Hope When Life Hurts. I have had my share of hurt over the years, and so I was eager to dive into this book!
Hopelifter is broken up into three sections along with Recipes for Hope Topics.
Hopelifter will help you Discover Hope, Embrace Hope and Give Hope.  There is also a discussion guide at the end. Verses of Hope and Helpful websites. This book is chock full of great things to share hope with others...or discovering hope for yourself. As my blog and a non profit that I started says...Hope Blooms. So this was a fun read for me. I needed to remind myself how to Discover Hope, but I also need to be ready to spread Hope to Adoptive and Foster Families. There are so many golden nuggets in these pages! You will be certain to love this book.
My favorite part is the Recipes of Hope Topics. These are broken down into topics such as: Abortion, Coma, Depression, Seniors, Suicide and more. These are topics that you can look up and read about. Adoption has two posts...ways that people shared hope after adoption and after a long journey back with an adopted child. The books gives you practical ways you can support others in situations they are going through. When you don't know what else to say.

When you are traveling through some rugged times, grab a copy of HopeLifter and share some joy that overflows from YOU!

I received my copy of HopeLifter for Free from Booksneeze to review. I have not been paid for my review. I have enjoyed the book on my own will and posted my thoughts!
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