Tuesday, July 24, 2012

21 years....and counting!

This Thursday...July 26th, 2012 marks 21 years that my husband and I have been happily married....Oh we have had our struggles...but when you choose to look back at all the good....five kids, many dogs, a couple states a handful of houses....money, being broke, to being broke....For the most part we have been more happy that not.

We promised, on a warm July Friday night for better for worse, sickness and in health, richer or poor, til death do us part....

I think we have been through all of the above...but I mostly remember health....enough....and better is what he makes me....

AWEsome Faith....

Jenna Lucado (Max Lucado's daughter) has written a book that I gave to a girl who means the world to me. Jenna helps a teen girl know who she is, and uses scripture references to help young girls ground themselves in the Word.

Jenna speaks from her heart, and lays it out for girls to relate to.

I gave this book to a girl who has been through many challenges throughout high school, and to top it off was sexually assualted the night of prom. This broken girl needed some Biblical truths about who God says she is, not who satan was wanting her to believe she is. Jenna's book helped this girl realize some truths about herself.

In our world, "Christianity" has become boring. Church is "boring". Sermons are "boring". It is time this generation is living a faith full of Awe.

Jenna delivers in a easy to read way. A great study for a mom and daughter...or aunt and niece, or a youth group leader to help teen girls stay grounded in what God would have them believe~

Way to go Jenna!

I recieved this book from Thomas Nelson for the sole purpose to rate this book how I saw fit.

The Voice, New Testament version

I was fortunate enough to read through the Voice New Testment. I grew up reading the NIV version of the Bible. A few years back I found a Bible that had three translation in it on clearance...I am a sucker for a good deal! I love to read through the Bible with three versions side by side to get some different meanings to my favorite verses. So when I was able to snatch up a copy of the Voice I was beyond thrilled!
The Voice is written in a story book way...the bottom of the front says "step into the story of the Scripture"...reading through some of the more popular/well known verses really does put you into the story of scripture.

There are actually quite a few authors that were chosen based on their writing styles. I found this interesting. I am an avid Beth Moore Study girl. I love hearing how God has shown her insights into scripture and how they apply to the passage..which in turn helps me to apply it to my life. So having another version of the Bible also helps me to apply scripture in a different meaning to my life.

I am eager to use this Bible for studying with Beth Moore studies...Doing James next~ My only disappointment it the copy I have is of the new testament only.

Grab your copy today!

I am not paid for my review of the VOICE. I received a free copy of the VOICE to read and review how I see fit~
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