Tuesday, July 24, 2012

AWEsome Faith....

Jenna Lucado (Max Lucado's daughter) has written a book that I gave to a girl who means the world to me. Jenna helps a teen girl know who she is, and uses scripture references to help young girls ground themselves in the Word.

Jenna speaks from her heart, and lays it out for girls to relate to.

I gave this book to a girl who has been through many challenges throughout high school, and to top it off was sexually assualted the night of prom. This broken girl needed some Biblical truths about who God says she is, not who satan was wanting her to believe she is. Jenna's book helped this girl realize some truths about herself.

In our world, "Christianity" has become boring. Church is "boring". Sermons are "boring". It is time this generation is living a faith full of Awe.

Jenna delivers in a easy to read way. A great study for a mom and daughter...or aunt and niece, or a youth group leader to help teen girls stay grounded in what God would have them believe~

Way to go Jenna!

I recieved this book from Thomas Nelson for the sole purpose to rate this book how I saw fit.

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