Friday, February 20, 2009

Can I come With???

Yesterday the day was beautiful in Minnesota. I looked out the window, the sun was shining. My plant, just one, was basking in the sunshine. My homeschooler was working on his homework, and my child that did the unthinkable last weekend, was home for his last day of being suspended...But we have processed through that, so Thursday was a good day.

I step out the door on this sunshiny Feb. day, and get smacked with barely above zero temps. OK, so it looks a little warmer than it actually is! But it was still nice to have the sunshine!

I get a phone call from my other sons school saying that he is sick. So off to school I go to pick him up. As I threw on my coat for this nice looking day I look at my cocker mix dog. He is looking at me with great expectation, "Can I go with?" His big brown eyes were asking. He hearts car rides! My son once commented that, the dogs love to go for rides, but all they do is get in the van and lay down and sleep. Zeek's big brown eyes made me think of my Heavenly Father...I go through my day, and He expectantly wants to go with me. He loves to spend time with me. In His still, gentle, quiet voice, He asks, Can I go with you today? From the moment I open my eyes, He eagerly waits coming with me. Like a gentleman He follows me around, but waits for me to invite Him to walk with me, or carry me...

I told Zeek to hop along in the van....I choose to invite God daily into my life...Without Him I would make bad choices!...I do make bad choices..

Will you let your Heavenly Father go with you today?

In His Grip, by my side..

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