Thursday, March 5, 2009

The house and Social Services mom took a sick day at work, and we went to look at the home we hope to call Hope Blooms some day. She was very impressed, and really understood how we thought it was so perfect of a place....A total God place! It has everything we need to get started.

Then we had to opportunity to meet with Sherburne County Social Services' foster care department. Our meeting was informative on both of our and the workers parts. She didn't understand our we feel we know how to better get across what we are doing. Hope Blooms is providing a home for married couples to do foster care in...we are not over seeing the foster care so to speak...We also found out that we can go through many organizations to become foster parents..adoptive parents. Like Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities etc...So we will also meet with one of those agencies in the coming weeks. Exciting times....

I also think God is whispering to my heart to contact the local paper..see if they will do an article about Hope Blooms...This is really out of my comfort I will have to make up my mind and do it!!! I have to keep remembering the mission is for children who do not have a permanent mom and dad! With over 600 of them in Minnesota alone...we have some work ahead of us. I am doing this for the children!

Until later!

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