Thursday, March 19, 2009


I and a couple of friends are going through a Sunday night study called Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed. Last Sunday was the first night. We do about a half hour video and then get into smaller groups and discuss a few topics that were presented.

Each of us woman in that study are going through many different paths. From sickness of a spouse, to verbally abusiveness from a spouse, to hearing God's call and being obedient to that call. But we are all getting something out of this study. Isn't God's word amazing that way. All walks of life can get something different out of the same Word!

Our first revelation was Anointed. Did you know you were anointed? Anointing is "a divine empower or a divine en-ablement to accomplish God's purposes for your life" It isn't about me (you), it is about God's power working in me(you).

God played the only role in finding Hope Blooms. I believe that He used many circumstances in my life to prepare me for this journey. From a suicide death of my sister in love, disease diagnosis of my husband, depression for me to follow, to raising children, alcohol abuse in my the years of praying for God's answer in my life as to what I am suppose to do. God prepared me in big and small ways.

A little over a year ago I started working at the local pizza joint in Palmer USA. It was an OK job, but while I was there every day I was so restless. I knew that wasn't where God was going to leave me...I worked for about 3 months in the fall. In Oct I was done. Then in March Wayne was laid off from his job. God provided for us Big time during those next few months. Then we worked our way to July of 2008...God's answer to my prayers...Hope Blooms was born. It has been a wonderful journey so far. I have learned much through this process. I am continuing to learn much. My next journey is writing grants! I need to start on that...that will be a journey in itself! Today is the day. When we hear about our tax exempt status, I am sending off the grants! I pray that this all happens speedy like! There are children that need Hope Blooms homes...parents for forever!

God will provide, when it doesn't seem like He is listening. What are you anointed in today? Is it raising children? Working outside of the Home, supporting other organizations in your area? There is so much out there...where is He calling you?

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