Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tax Exempt status

We have wonderful news. On Monday of this week we got a letter from the IRS. Previously, about two weeks ago, we received a letter from the IRS stating our form 1023 (tax exempt form) was in one of three places. Either needed no more information, and they would process it asap, needed a little more information, and they would let us know what else was needed. Finally it may need a ton of information, and they would contact us about that also. I knew with 90+ hours working on it that it didn't need a ton of info. So we help on tight for the wait. Monday I went out to the mailbox to gather our mail. There was a letter from the IRS. I opened it up expecting to get a list of what was still needed. Let me give you the time frame. The IRS received our forms on Feb. 19th, on March 18th they stamped our paperwork as accepted. That is less than a month for a ton of paperwork. I hear that this is unheard of for this form. Expect up to a year. I poured and poured over this paperwork, making sure everything was correct. It took me from mid august through mid feb to finish it all! So August 15th of 2008 we are officially incorporated and tax exempt........God sure had His hand in this. Now...for the fundraising and grants! Another mountain of paperwork, and time to put in. Huge task...if you know about writing grants, get ahold of me ASAP!!! Ü I would love to work with someone on this.

thanks much for checking in

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