Monday, February 13, 2012

Unwholesome talk?

Goodness...we all talk about other people...we all gossip to an extent...

Is it ever ok to Gossip or talk behind someone's back? What good does it do?

The Bible is very clear on foolish talk, gossip, speaking ill of others...

What is your motivation when you talk about someone?

I have two very dear friends. We meet for coffee of dinner when we have time. We talk/text daily. We lift each other up. We pray for one another. Attend Bible studies every now and then together.

We have a mutual acquaintance. This gal is what we would call a "sandpaper" person. She always has something wrong. Sighs at the appropriate time to catch interest. She is dramatic, and always has it worse than you....We have been known to talk behind her back...After all she makes it easy to do.

When reflecting on this, is it making us any better people? Is it helping her? Are we being a good example for our children that may have over heard?

In proverbs 17:28 the Bible says it is wise to keep quiet. Peter also instructs us to keep quiet and live pure lives....In our fallen world, I believe we will always struggle with this. But God will slowly change our hearts, and He can change the "sandpaper" persons heart also!

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