Monday, February 13, 2012

1 Peter Chap. 4

Shadows of a servant.

What does a servant heart mean? That you are the smallest of smallest in the pecking order? That you don't mean anything? That you will endure much, and have no say?

A servant to me can be the above....but when you are doing it for God....we are becoming a servant so that others can see how God is shining through us. See how God is working in our lives.

A servant helps others, blesses others, does not keep track of what they are doing. Does not let the right hand know what the left hand is doing.

In 1Peter 2:12 Peter is asking us how to so others can see the good you are doing, so they can see God.

We are often asked to bear the burden of a servant under lock and key by a master....and we are called to live as to Christ. There are times when we are called to be a servant to others less fortunate than us, by the world's standards..we are to treat them like the heart of Christ would treat them...Jesus hang out with the least of these...

Where are you choosing to be a servant? With your family? With strangers?

What does a servant heart look like to you?

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