Monday, January 25, 2010

Let Go, Sheila Walsh

I am a huge Women of Faith Fan! I was thrilled with the opportunity to read Sheila's new book, Let Go. This book is broken down into 18 chapters. Each chapter is a an area in everyones life that you may have something you need to let go of. Sheila shares personal stories of her life, which makes it relatable.

In the beginning of the book Sheila talks about a struggle that her and her husband had been in. She didn't give all of the details about that. I knew there had to be more to the story. A few weeks after I started to read this book, I had the opportunity to go to A WOF conference. She told the whole story at that time. At that moement it clicked! I could see where this book was coming from. We all have struggles of some sort. Actually going to a Woman of Faith conference gives each of the authors a greater personal intimacy. I enjoy reading an authors books when I have seen them in person.

This book will give you practical advice on areas you may be struggling. I highly reccomend this book. It is lighthearted, easy to read, put down and pick up again. I read this over several months.


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