Friday, April 27, 2012

Heal the Wounds

Point of Grace (music artist) have a song titled "Heal the Wounds"
The chorus goes like this...
Heal the wounds, but leave the scars,
A reminder of how merciful You are.
I am broken, torn apart
take the pieces of my heart
and Heal the wounds but leave the scars....

We all have battle wounds. Some are self inflicted. Some inflicted by others. Yet some are accidents. But we all share wounds.

Some of us are able to learn from our wounds, our mistakes. We can take the wound, reflect, pray, seek guidance, have a pow wow with a trusted friend. We can then turn a different direction and not go back to that place. But we will have the scars to remind us of what we have been through.

Some of us gather wounds along the way, and keep going back to get that same wound. These scars are deeper. They reflect more than the wound that happened. They reflect the deeper wounds that inflect our fallen world. Things like drug use, aclohol abuse, physical and emotional abuse...the list can go on. These wounds are because of past hurts that need to be covered up. Yet often cause more wounds that we ever imagine.

How about the wounds that dear children suffer at the hand of their parents/caregivers?  These are life long wounds. Some choose to learn from them, some choose to continue the wounds. Making them deeper, and leaving bigger scars.

May we remember to show love to children with wounds that are bigger than we are. May they view their scars of God's infinite mercy. His mercy prevails...

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