Friday, December 26, 2008

Almost a New Year

So hard to believe that it is almost a brand new year. Lots has happened in 2009....
Wayne lost his job
Wayne completed EMT training and started a job as an EMT
We visited Florida and Texas
We changed Churches
Our oldest is in his last year of school
WE have two drivers in our house
We started Hope Blooms Ministry

Just to name a few things....change, everything changes. Christmas as we once knew it is changing. The boys visit with girlfriends at Christmas. So they are not only with just US. That seems weird. I hear about how marriages for boys also change the holidays. It seems as if the "girls" rule and mom's of boys don't get to see those families as much. You spend 18 years raising young men, only to not see them as much. Makes me remember to pray for my future daughter's in love now. I understand the importance of equal time with in laws, which has come from maturity. I didn't always feel that way....Life, a time for growth.

Well, I am excited for 2009 to start. Hope Blooms will hopefully, God willing blossom into a great ministry. Sometimes I am already tired from thinking and dreaming about how it will be. But I am so eager to bless some children's socks off of them!

Jesus with skin on.....


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Marybeth said...

Shannon, thanks for being brave enough to comment with your verse. I was blessed to read the verse you shared, and am going to copy it out and hang it on our fridge as we begin this new year. What wise words for us all!

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