Thursday, January 6, 2011

OutLive Your Life

Out Live your life, by Max Lucado...Since reading this book, I have loaned out my copy, bought it for prize give aways, and given it as gifts. This book came to me at a point in my life that I really needed it.

Lucado outlines ways to become more. In the world we live in...a world that is self centered, TV says to do what is right for you. Things that are unhealthy for us are readily available on the Internet....Feed yourself first. Give your leftovers to those in need. Give your left overs to God. Lucado plainly tells us how to become a way that only Lucado can do.

This book is for everyone. You won't walk away feeling like you failed, but you will walk away challenged to do more. And when you do more for others, the blessings will come back. Go ahead, take the challenge!

I am not paid by Thomas Nelson for this review. I have done it on my own free will!
Enjoy Out Live your Life....Help your neighbor~!

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JustBummin said...

Have you had the opportunity to check out the Lucado Life Lessons Bible? It's the Bible meant to go along with Outlive Your Life. I've had the pleasure of working on this Bible with Thomas Nelson for the past few months. The Bible is filled with daily devotions and life lessons. If you're interested, we just released a free 365-day mobile app for both iPhone and Android that is based upon the Lucado Life Lessons Study Bible. It's a an awesome little app and a great way to experience this particular Bible before you buy.

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