Monday, October 31, 2011

Am I Stuck?

I just had the priveldge of viewing this new DVD based Bible study. I am an advid Beth Moore Bible study goer. So I was very excited to be able to take a peak at this study. Beth Moore's study tends to be around an hour long. Then usually homework 5 days a week that end up being around 25-45 minutes long. Beth Moore makes you dig in.  So when comparing the two, Jennie Allen is around 10 minutes of DVD time, and some talk time while in your study, with some homework involved. It is fun to see someone new. Jennie is open and honest. She has put off her mask, talked about real life. Her life. Her children, her struggles. The study takes you step by step through places you might find yourself STUCK. Jennie goes to places that mold her life, places that she shares her stories, her journey. She is authentic, a follower, having gone through stuff, to help us go through our stuff. She wants us to get into small groups and feel safe and share what is keeping us stuck. She even has little cards in the box for us to pick from and share from the question being asked. I think this is a good way to get women to open up. I think we do need to take off our masks and be real. We have much to fight for in the USA, and with the shorter DVD time, I think this opens up more time to discuss challenges we are all facing and be more authentic with each other. Which is what we need to do.
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