Monday, October 10, 2011

Playing Hurt: Brian Goins

Playing Hurt: A Guy's Strategy for a Winning Marriage. Does your marriage need some nurture? Are you in a tough place that needs some fresh direction? This book is the man in your life. I recommend this easy read before you call it quits...and before your marriage is slipping away.

Guys your girl needs certain things from you. Brian uses real life examples and a history of helping couples say I do forever. The covenant you made between God and your wife is an important one.

Become the thermometer in your house...for example, set the tone. When your wife is sending you some cold vibes, reassure her how much you do love her. Set the tone for you home, and don't take her personally.

there is a wealth of information in this book that you can use. You can also see Brian at a weekend to remember event. Brian is obviously passionate about saving your marriage.

Off to give this book to my dear husband!


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