Monday, December 2, 2013

NIV Pink Bible

I recently scored a "PINK BIBLE" to review! I was super excited. My dear daughter loves pink. My mother is a breast cancer survivor, so it was the perfect Bible to figure out who I would share it with once I was finished reading it over.
I love the size of the Bible, it is soft cover which is nice for paging quickly threw. It is even adorned with a pink ribbon for those that do care.
I tend to in general not support any of the ribbon causes...after much research, I don't believe that enough of the funds raised with these pink ribbons goes to actually find a cure for cancer. Which is a whole other topic for another post!
But, the pink Bible is what caught my attention. !
The Bible is simply. Red letters for when Jesus is speaking. There is a yearly reading log in the back, an index, and an over view of the each book of the Bible. What I was really hoping for was some encourage mingled in the books for those battling cancer. I think this is an important step in recovering is encouragement that God's word brings. This would be my only complaint...if I had to say one! 

I received this book from to review for free. I have not been paid to review this book, and I posted my true feelings! Hope you enjoy this Bible!

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