Monday, December 16, 2013

Hot Buttons

Hot Buttons by  Nicole O'Dell
I have downloaded some of the Hot Buttons books to my ipad, but had not looked at them. I am still a great lover of print books. I really hope our world doesn't go totally digital. Recently I was able to grab two Hot Buttons in print. I was eager to get them and see what they are about. The two I have are Image Addition and Bullying. Both of which each of my kids have dealt with on certain levels.

I didn't know much about how the books work. But what I thought was different from what they really are about. I thought I could use them as small discussion guides with my children that we still have at home. But they are really a parents guide.

Each book is filled with insightful information for parents to utilize the teen years. Let's face it, kids are cruel. And hurting people end up hurting people. So any tool parents can get to navigate the teen/high school years, the better off our children will be.

I liked that the books were broken up into small chapters. They are perfect for grabbing a few minutes to read a quick chapter...but yet full of great information. Topics include Self Esteem, eating disorders, tattoos to teasing, cyber bullying and suicide.

There are several Hot Buttons books out there. Grab them up!!!

I received these two books to review for free. I was not paid to submit a review. I did it on my own free will~

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