Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A New Study Bible

How can you review the Bible and post a bad review? I love to read new versions of the Bible and actually have a Bible that has three translations side by side. I love to read each version to see if I can pull something else from the verses. I have never owned a study Bible, so I snatched the opportunity to see what this Bible is about. Obviously I have not read this cover to cover...but I have enjoyed digging into some of my favorite verses. This Bible is written in the NKJV. This isn't usually one of my go to versions, so it was fun to look through and see some of my favorites.
What I really like about this Bible is how it highlights what God's word says about evangelism. It takes verses and expands on them to help you see how you can simply carry out sharing your faith. Not everyone has the gift of evangelism, but reading these little insights help you to share your faith in everyday living.
There are also passages that are listed to cross reference, so you can study more in depth. This helps the Bible come alive and will help you have a better understanding of what you are reading.
God's word never gets old. Grab a new Bible and see what else He can teach you!

I was not paid for my review. I got a copy of this Bible for free and posted my review in all honesty!

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