Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bible Dominoes

I have spent nearly all my life and the only sort of dominoes that I would play were placing them on their ends and lining them in long lines and watching each one hit the next one...until they were all down. As I got older I would make more complex lines that would split into two lines...and then if you got half way done and knocked one the wrong way, your line would start a bit early. Well, recently some friends introduced us to the world of adult dominoes. Mexican train. We played until nearly midnight...I didn't fair so well in this game. But it was fun. I found a set for our family at a garage sale. We have enjoyed hours of fun with this game of Dominoes.

When I had the opportunity to get my hands on Bible Dominoes I was intrigued to see what this was about. I have a grand daughter who is nearly 3 so I thought we could have fun. She isn't exposed to a faith based home that often, so anything that would help her catch some of this, I was all in for. This game is for 2-4 players and for ages 3+. The cards are made from sturdy cardboard, so no stacking them and watching them all fall! There is a little book that tells some of the more popular Bible stories.

To play you match the colors which shows the number and on the other one it shows how many that number is. For instance 2= (two) people. So it is covering a few different concepts for your young  learners. My granddaughter was a little young to catch this concept yet, but we could talk about what each picture was, and practice colors.

All in all they are good quality and a great way to start conversations with your youngsters! Total thumbs up!

I am not paid for my review, and have given an honest review of Bible Dominoes!

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