Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Developements

Well, it is fall y'all.....Love spring and fall. In the fall, the days are a bit shorter, the temps stay cooler, and it is nice to go for walks to see the colorful leaves changing. Spring is the same, new colors are blooming, shorter days, and also good for walking after a long winter!

Well, some new developments with Hope Blooms. I started working again on our tax exempt form. Form 1023. This is quite an in depth form. I saved the directions on my computer, and needed to look up a few things on Friday. I came across certain non-profits that are assumed as tax exempt...501(c)(3) status. If we open Hope Blooms as an auxiliary of an existing church, we would be assumed as tax exempt. This would save us $750...time, and we could then start fundraising and seeking grants. The church body we attend has a bigger support system called the "District" Offices. So in Minnesota, this would be Minnesota North District. So tomorrow-Monday- I will be contacting the North District to see what they have to say about this idea of Hope Blooms. Go to if you want more info... It is an exciting time, and beings I really want to have some money in play by next spring to get these homes built, I am hopeful that things will go smoothly.

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