Thursday, September 11, 2008

What were you doing 7 years ago....

I remember seven years ago, like it just happened a couple of years ago. A day that will never be forgotten. Although I disliked history in school, this IS history, the date I won't forget.

Today is a rainy day, but back in 2001, this day was sunny. My dad was home, two of my children were home, my husband was working on the roof of a house. My cousin was sleeping outside in a camper.

I heard a poem on the radio this morning. It was a poem from God. "I was there on the 23rd floor with......" I was on the ground floor with the Priest who...." It was a very touching poem. Perhaps you have heard it.

In the midst of all the yuck in our lives, where is God? An e-mail that I got explained it as this....

When you are baking a cake their are many ingredients such as
baking soda
baking powder
oil..........These things eaten along are disgusting. But put all together and baked into a delicious cake with a touch of delicious chocolate how good it tastes....
If we didn't endure the disgusting, yuck in our lives, how could we become the beautiful, good deliciousness that God would have us be. My pastor once told me, " I would rather be in the company of someone who has gone through much, than to be with someone who hasn't endured real life." When we go through things, and come out on top, through God's grace, we can then be relate-able for others.

So as you remember 911, a day that is marked in many of our lives, keep united as a nation, in your town, in your church....So others how we can grow in the midst of turmoil. We can all be better people through that.

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