Saturday, September 27, 2008

Are we done yet?

Well, fall is nearly upon us. I guess as far as the calendar goes, fall is here. We have had unseasonable warm weather. I think starting today, we will have fall weather. That is fine...60's is OK weather. In just under two weeks we head to Florida for a family vacation. So having cooler weather in MN will feel good Florida....

So, I am nearly done with the form 1023, (tax exempt form). I am so excited about that. I just have a few items to finish up, like Bylaws....that is a task in itself. But if I would just sit down and do that. Then get it approved by the other board members, we will be set. It is exciting to think of this form being complete. But what will really be nice is to have it sent in, approved and grant money applied for, accepted then in hand. That means we can actually start Hope Blooms....the physical part of it!

I did contact social Services this week. The foster Care division. I have not heard back from the gal yet. She may have tried to call this week, but didn't leave a message. We will really need to work closely with Social Services, As the people we have living at Hope Blooms will have to be approved by SS.

I believe that is all of the updates I have right now. I truly cannot wait to update with actual news of building progress, and not paperwork progress.....

Until next time

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