Thursday, November 20, 2008

"BILLY" Book Reveiw

Well, I have just finished reading the book Billy. After reading this book I am eager to see the movie, titled the same name. I found this book was an interesting account on the young Billy Grahams life. I have known of Billy Graham all of my life, but didn't know about his early life before I read this book. This is a book that you can pick up and put down again.

The story began in a hospital room of a former friend of Billy. The story starts in 2001. A reporter is interveiwing Charles for some "dirt" on Billy Graham. Charles Templeton was a former evnagelist, now turned athiest. Charles was also a mentor to young Billy.

While Billy was searching, at a young age for his spirituality, I found myself relating to his parents' journey. His parents prayed for him to find a faith worth living for. As I see I have been doing for my own children. I thought it was interesting when he went to a local Tent Revival. This was after he overheard his father and other men from town praying for a town filled with faith. To know they prayed for a great leader in their small town, someday...It wasn't to far off that their son would fulfill that role.

I also was uplifted reading the love story of Ruth and Billy. What a testament to other marriages. This encouraged me in my walk and my marriage.

This book is worth the time to read. It gives a great account to the young Billy's life

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