Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Plugging Away

AS I sit and write, snow is falling. As far as I am concerned, if it is going to be this cold, (20's with wind) we may as well have snow on the ground. The kids are starting to get bored with no snow, but cold weather.

So onto Hope Blooms progress. It amazes me, which also reminds me that I am following God's will, that I keep hearing about more and more people that are currently doing Foster care, or have adopted. People that I casually know, but didn't know this about them. I am happy that more people are following God's commands in James 1:27!

I have a good start on hope Blooms budget. I really need to sit down and finalize it before we get into the holiday season. Some days it is just hard to sit down and get it finished. I don't much care for busy work like that.

The book that I received, from the previous post, seems to be pretty interesting. It is based on the movie that is currently out about Billy Graham. So it should be a good read. I am having trouble digging into that right now. But today is just kind of a blah day. No sunshine today.

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