Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nuggets of Truth

Isaiah 60:21-22 All of your people will do what is right. They will receive the earth forever. They are the plant I have planted, the work of my own hands to show My greatness. The smallest family will grow to a thousand. The least important of you will become a powerful nation. I am the Lord, and when it is time, I will make these things happen quickly...NCV

This verse was pointed out to me by a very good friend. She sent me a text as soon as she read it. This friend has been a huge prayer partner with me. She is supportive, helps put things in perspective. I had just read the verse from Isaiah..cannot remember where at the moment...the day before. The verse goes something like....Your ways are higher than my way, Your thoughts higher than my thoughts...Those verses really hit me when I read them. God has shown us that so much with HB. We couldn't have imagined the things that have happened with HB....Interveiw with Sue and WCCO, The article published in the Citizen...both of these people said they are not finished with us yet. Michele Bachmann interested in what HB is doing for children. The community and friend support. Our family that has donated money. We have gotten $180.00!! That is exciting to us! God has really made this program go fast. It is so hard to sit back and wait for money...like millions of dollars...if 2,000,000 people donated 1$, we could start! But when we look back to less than a year ago starting out...it has happened so fast!

God keeps amazing me!

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