Monday, June 24, 2013

Still waiting....

LOVE:  June 22, 2013
We are in LOVE.  Shadrach is amazing. He smiles, laughs, makes funny noises…puts up with Wayne! And then there is a serious side to him as well. He will feel around our faces, necks, hands, arm, clothing. He loves to lick things to feel them.
We have been working on having him reach out a bit when we pick him up. He hasn’t quite caught on yet. He doesn’t scare easily, so we are able to pick him up without startling him, or giving him a warning. I am sure we will learn so many more things to do with him in the coming months.
The whole compound we are staying at is so intrigued by Shadrach. Many are still leery of his blindness. We are choosing to be matter of fact. And let them know in America he will get much care, and love. But some are still scared. The will go up the whole road and tell people there is something wrong with his eyes. Then they really stare when we use the stroller. NOONE uses strollers around here. We finally had the neighbor kids come and ask if they could push Shadrach. And one of the boys was singing to him. Shadrach turned to hear him singing better. I think he loved to hear the African song.
We were a little worried that Shadrach wouldn’t play and would always want to be held. But he loves a good mix. He loves to cuddle, and then will play for a bit.
We are having concerns about getting paperwork done. We just now found out that he doesn’t even have his passport. Apparently it didn’t print right. But to make his Visa appt. we need his passport numbers. So it will take many prayers and and a miracle from GOD that we leave this Wednesday! They are assuring us everything else is in order.  JUST PRAY!
Apparently at home we lost 20 trees the other night in a big thunderstorm. We got out of that clean up…for a beach out our front  door!
We met Pastor Peter last night. HE lives about 20 minutes from us, but apparently it is the BUSH. I think we will get to see his place before we leave. Possibly Monday. This is the same Pastor who was taking care of Daniel who Jessica was trying to get to the US for medical purposes. He swallowed Lye 3 years ago, and it burnt his esophagus. Well….Jessica called this afternoon and said, about 1 am our time, Daniel past away… shortly after Pastor Peter left our place, Daniel died. Wayne was suppose to place the NG tube in Daniel on Monday….this little boy literally starved to death….so sad. And unfortunately it is all to common here. Children get into Lye thinking it is water, and end up with eating problems. And the Liberian hospitals cannot do anything for them.  Jessica and her family are heart broken.
We had lots of down time today so we walked the beach. It is so hot, and sticky…our joke has come to be….Shannon: Does my hair look ok? Wayne: NO!  The hot humid weather is not good on my hair. If I am in the compound, I wear a hat. Or outside the compound a scraf….horrible! I told a little girl today that I need the braids she has in her hair done! Then I wouldn’t need to worry for a while!
Yesterday in the grocery store, we walked in and everyone was giving us the stare down. They have isle attendants. When someone grabs something you they would fix the shelf and make it look good. We found out when we were checking out that everyone in the store was telling the next person that Shadrach was blind. So by the time we got up to the register, every worker in the store knew. And Wayne just simply started talking to everyone about it. So many people get such a sober look on their face and say….oh I am sorry. We just say, no need to be. He will be ok. He uses other things to communicate. He is so happy!
Shadrach hates being cold. Doesn’t like water. And I don’t believe he has ever had his feet in the sand or grass. So we are slowly working on those things. He either cries or raises his legs as if to say….no way!
I will try to post pictures….but otherwise when we get back home we will post!

June 23rd, 2013
And the rains came down and the floods came up…..It started raining very early morning and has nearly been raining all morning. It is currently 11:30 am. Church in the ELWA Compound was at 10:30, and beings we forgot our umbrella’s we didn’t go. I wanted to experience an African Church service.
Shadrach hasn’t been feeling the best today. We think he may be trying to get a tooth through. He has been very snuggly. Drooling a little, and chewing on his fingers. So we have just spend the morning taking turns snuggling with him.
He is definitely ready for food. But he simply hates to eat with a spoon. I am thinking once we get home we will try finger foods. We have some funny video of him eating food….he looks as if he has a sour face. The orphanage gave us two bottles. They cut the holes bigger and give him a bottle with formula and cereal. While I hate to do that, he simply needs more than just formula.
Nate from Watertown gets in today. We hear he should come in at either 2:30,3:30 or 4:30. Wayne may try to get to the airport with Rebecca to pick him up.
In our guest house, we are surround by such Godly men. They have all prayed for us. Prayed with us, and we found out yesterday that a Bible study group prayed for us even before we came so that we could get the paperwork done in the week that we are here…..So we are still praying for the miracle!

SUFFERING?: Patience   June 24th, 2013
Well, last night Shadrach and I didn’t sleep well. I think he is trying to feel secure? No matter how good an orphanage is, which his was clean, well run….but it still isn’t the same as when you have two parents loving and caring for you.
I don’t think the orphanage allows the kids to put things in their mouths, or for Shadrach to have felt around. He started in the last day or two putting his fingers in his mouth. And he has felt our faces with mainly his fingertips. Early this morning he felt me with not just one whole palm but with both. A small little bit of him trusting me for his care. So, so awesome…..
I let him sleep for 5 hours yesterday afternoon. So he was very restless last night. I will not be letting him sleep that long today, and will be digging out the melatonin tonight! Four nights with not much sleep is catching up with me.
I spoke with someone different with Acres of Hope yest. He is assuring me we will have our Visa appt on Wednesday. The only thing that will get in the way is if they would like to speak with the birthmom. So our prayer right now is that the US Embassy is ok with the records that Acres of Hope has done. Then we will be on our plane on Wednesday at 6:25 pm.!
Speaking of his birthmom, we did not see her at the orphanage when we picked up Shadrach. But she came to our guest house with her sister last night. She had a very hard time understanding me. So her sister helped her a little. And another house guest Songe, who just arrived and is doing mission work, he lives in South Africa, he came over and was thrilled to witness this whole scenario. He really helped to break the ice. And helped me understand. Shadrach has an older sister. Grace. She is 4. Shadrach’s birthday is JULY 4th….which I think is pretty right on. We will arrive home 1 week from his birthday! His dad Daniel left the home when Shadrach was born. He wanted nothing to do with sweet little Shadrach. I am guessing his mom named him. She almost brought his sister Grace to the orphanage also. But her family talked her out of it. So many amazing stories. His mom Martha has been crying, reading her Bible and worried over who was taking Shadrach, and would he be ok. She went to the orphanage last Thursday or Friday and found out that he was already taken by us. She said the nannies didn’t understand how she felt. So when Queen, the gal who cleans at the guest house, called and said she could come meet us, she felt so relieved. She handed off shadrach to me like she was at peace with this. And when I let her hold him again, she then handed him off to Wayne. She said through Queen that she feels ok with us taking him, and can see we love him. She sent us off with a blessing. Amazing….Songe says he wants to stay in contact with this story…he felt he was witnessing a miracle….I simply happen to agree. God has been painting this masterpiece for a while now….a nice watercolor with a soft glow of His light shining through all the muck…..We truly feel that getting this Visa taken care of on Wednesday is nothing short of GOD working…..
Our day starts with getting Visa paperwork taken care of. Paying the Visa fee. And then possibly tomorrow visiting the bush with Pastor Peter/Teamwork Africa.
Currently Shadrach is listening to music. He loves stuff with a fast beat. So Toby Mac is one of his new favorites. He is also yawning, so maybe he will catch a few zzzz’s soon, and I can take a snooze for bit! No matter how extremely tired I am I cannot help but feel God is sustaining me. And now he is singing! His world is opening up!
Nate arrived last night. Wayne went with Rebecca to pick him up….which Nate said was so reassuring that he was there. A familiar face….we know how that feels! Not knowing what Rebecca looks like! Nate gets to meet James today. He will have him during the day to start out. His hands will be full! He also brought a stroller…so we won’t be the only ones getting weird looks.
I better close while Mr is happy. We are so ready to come home and share Shadrach with everyone….my five kids, and two grandkids are a huge blessing….and Shadrach is a gift. He will touch ALL of your hearts….be prepared. Once you meet him you won’t be able to get enough of him. His sense of humor! When he laughs and smiles you cannot help but smile and laugh with him…..
Kaelyn and McKenna, I have NOT SEEN ANY MONKEYS! I keep looking. I have seen a ton of dogs! Tomorrow if we get to the bush we will probably see a monkey or two. I will have my camera ready!

Post more later!


Connie said...

Wow !!!! What an amazing Adventure/Journey !!!! Cannot wait to meet him !!!! Love and Prayers coming your way Daily :)

Linda Erickson said...

Blessings and saying Prayers for all of you!!!

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