Monday, June 10, 2013

The Journey Started

Our journey began on April 24th. A chilly April. With snow yet to fall in the next couple of weeks. Wayne and I were out in Farmaritaville by ourselves. Chatting. I showed him the above picture and said "I cannot find a home for this guy". " He is blind and needs a place to come back to for care." Wayne actually siaid. "Ok. Lets do it". I can tell you I about fell off my chair. This was a way different turn of events for us.
1.  We were planning to adopt an older child from the foster care system.
2.  Wayne is comfortable to stay in the US borders.
3.  We have mission work in our backyards. Why travel else where?

So. We are not adopting a teen.
We are traveling out of the country.
We are doing mission work in another country, along with the work we are doing here

But just to be sure Wayne and I were on the same page, I came home late Thursday morning from getting a hair cut. I asked him. Do you actually remember what we talked about last night?

Ha! So the journey has begun!
By Saturday I had our list of things to get done. Lots of notarized letters. Doctors appts. And more paperwork.

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Gregg Nelson said...

I am excited for you and Wayne. I will never forget the first moments Angela and I spent with our three children. Adoption is a awesome experience and gift from God! May God bless you and your family as you travel.

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