Monday, September 29, 2014

Never Giving Up

I recently had a chance to read over a book called "Never Ever Give Up" By Erik Rees with Jenna Glatzer.

When I received the book, I wasn't quite a sure what to expect. My first thought was...." It looks like a story my Teens would enjoy".

But, I was pleasantly surprised. The book actually starts at page 12, by page 20 I was bawling my eyes out...every parents nightmare was taking place in this book.

A families world was shaken by news no parent needs to hear. No parent should have to contemplate the anguish of burying their daughter. But through this families journey of cancer, they find a unique way to bring Joy to other children having to battle cancer.

This story is told through the eyes of Jessie's dad. Erik does an incredible job of painting this picture with utter honesty. I am not sure I could be as eloquent in this journey. Life is difficult enough at times, but to face the death of your daughter is something unimaginable. The Rees family shows us how they stuck together....along with church family support.

Grab yourself a copy and be inspired to spread Joy through your pain and sorrow.

I received a copy of this book to review from Handlebar Publishing. They have not paid me in anyway for my review. I have read this book, and gave you an honest review!

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