Friday, January 9, 2009


Today, about 3 miles from the newest property that I am praying about, that we in fact get for Hope Blooms, I saw two eagles. They were on the ground. One was eating, the other on the lookout for danger....IT was so amazing to see this. When they are soaring up in the air they just don't seem as big as they really are. They seemed to stand off the ground with ease. Of course I didn't have my camera with me. I could have snapped some wonderful pictures.

Then another couple miles down the road I spotted another Eagle up in a tree, closer than the first two. My observations: Three is the perfect number. Reminds me of the Trinity.

Also, back to the first two. They stood a few feet tall. I won't guess how tall, because I am just amazed to have even seen this site....But one was eating, the other stood guard. Doesn't out Heavenly Father do that for us all of the time? We can have no cares in the world, and He is always willing to stand guard. In some sense this is what we will do for children also. Stand guard. Many will have been hurt by abuse, neglect, maybe even the death of a loved one. We will sweep down, stand guard, and protect them for as long as they need us. Oh what an honor to do this for children that we don't even know yet~ Dear Lord may it be soon!

For now....

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